Hundreds of ever-changing APIs
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L7 Defense solution maps all the APIs and protects them from the 1st request, with less than 0.1% false positive errors
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Isolate API attacks at the Network Card
Ammune™ – A Leading automated API security system, harnessing advanced AI/ML technology with extreme performance capabilities, being the first efficiently deployed on every SmartNICs

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Ammune™ Platform

Active API Security as it Meant to Be

Ammune™ by L7 Defense contains an advanced ML/AI engine that monitors and analyzes data in real-time, identifying and stopping even subtle, stealthy attacks and effectively mitigating these without prior knowledge of the attack pattern parameters.

Active Protection of API traffic, starting from the 1st request

Protecting APIs attack surface by an innovative AI/ML solution that generates rare cases of false positive errors while keeping customers safe. No need to integrate with other solutions.

Adapted to protect Hybrid architectures, support the Digital transformation trends

A fully hybrid and flexible solution that is equally deployed at private data centers and public clouds as containers

Optimized to scaled-up protection through its fully atomated operation model

An automated, highly reliable protection process that rarely requires human intervention, which enables easy scaling to protect more APIs 

Plug & Play solution, Deployed and become operative at the same day

Rapid deployment in any network environment, on-cloud or on-premise. It becomes fully operational with AI/ML engines in a few seconds. 

We Built Trust

We were shocked to find out that we have hundreds of unprotected API we were not aware of. Thanks to L7 Defense's Ammune platform, we can now protect ALL our APIs. We have far less cyber issues to worry about, giving us peace of mind.
The CISO of a prominent bank
Before moving the L7 Defense's solution, we had a team of 7 people to daily generate and update WAF rules. Now, after we moved to L7 Defense's Ammune solution, I have only one guy to monitor, which is an easy job since Ammune is fully automated. L7 Defense's solution saves me a lot of time and money.
The COO of a global telco
During and after Covid-19, we experienced massive traffic growth to our online applications. As a result, we also experienced many more cyber attacks. We understood that we had to protect our applications. After checking the existing API solutions in the market, we concluded that L7D is the most comprehensive solution. We are so satisfied with this solution!
The CISO of a popular retail chain

Ammune™ is a Fully Automated AI-Based API Security Solution

With its unique approach to analyzing traffic, leveraged by its groundbreaking technology that delivers distinct competitive advantages, L7 Defense received Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Product Leadership Award for its fully autonomous AI-based machine leaning API security solution

Product Leadership | Award 2020

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